Monday, February 20, 2012

The Quickest Update

~ PJ , B201 ~ 
* 20/2/2012 * 

The topic that surrounds us would be 
1) Which place for the graduate trip ? * I have planned for 3, izit too over * 
2) Work first or Travel first ? 
3) Which place you prefer for your working ? 
4) Instead of working, choose travelling first ? 
5) What  expectation on the salary ? 

plenty of these types of questions. 

Wondering which new path you will take 
that lead you to the wonderful platform of your own. 

There are still weeks to go 
The hectic are coming 
Let do our best before we make another big turn in our life ~   

So far yet so near 
Please grab it before it too late . 

Colours Dream In Your Eyes 

Instead of preparing the coming persuasive speech 
I am updating my blog. 


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